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1. Definitions
1.1. Lessor: Vakantiehuis in Ouddorp, located in Ouddorp, with offices at Oude nieuwlandseweg 43c  (3253 LL) in Ouddorp, and with registration in the trade register under number 72515589.
1.2. Additional Costs: the costs owed by the Lessee for additional deliveries and services to be provided by the Lessor, such as, but not limited to, the cleaning of the Leased Premises, the rental of beds 
and / or linen, Deposit, as mentioned in the Booking.
1.3. Booking: the agreement concluded between the Lessor and the Lessee with regard to the rental of the Leased Premises and the delivery of any additional services and deliveries to which these rental conditions apply.
1.4. Booking request: application from a Lessee for renting a holiday home during a certain period and the delivery of any additional services and deliveries.
1.5. Deposit: the security deposit to be paid by the Lessee under the Lessor, as security for the fulfillment of the Lessee's obligations under the Booking and the settlement of any damage to the Leased Property at the expense of the Lessee, as stated in the Booking. For several Houses
1.6 Deposit for damages: Instead of a deposit, the landlord charges a small deposit for damages to the rental property and/or its furnishings for which the tenant is liable, as stated in the booking. The damage charge is non-refundable.
1.7. Owner: the owner of or entitled to the Accommodation.
1.8. Rented: the rental (s) rented by the Lessee as stated in the Booking.
1.9. Lessee: the counterparty of the Lessor. This is understood to mean (I) any person or legal person who wishes to conclude or conclude an agreement with the Lessor for the rental of the Leased Premises and (II) those who accompany the Lessee.
1.10. Rental period: the period from the first to the last day of the booked period as stated in the Booking, during the times as stated in the Booking.
1.11. Rent: total amount of the rent of the Accommodation, plus the Additional Costs, as referred to in Article 1.2.
1.12. Quotation: offer with regard to the Booking Request, stating the Holiday Home, the Rental Period, the Rental Price and the Additional Costs.
1.13. Prepayment: the prepayment to be made by the Lessee, as referred to in Article 4.1., Of 30% of the Rental sum, as referred to in Article 1.10

2. General
2.1. These rental conditions apply to all requests, quotations, offers, booking requests, bookings and / or other agreements from and with lessee regarding the rental of one or more holiday homes and the performance of 2 possible additional services and / or deliveries, unless expressly and in writing. otherwise agreed.
2.2. The lessee, despite any reference thereto or specific notification thereof, shall be deemed to have accepted these rental conditions and to have renounced his own or other conditions and deviating or supplementary, by making a Booking Request or by establishing a Booking. stipulations as such and or other conditions and stipulations are expressly rejected by the Lessor.
2.3. The present rental conditions also apply to agreements with the Lessor for the execution of which are being used by Lessor third parties.
2.4. These general rental conditions can be changed unilaterally by the Lessee.
2.5. A Dutch and German translation of these general rental conditions are also available. The Dutch text is binding and prevails in the event of any discrepancy between or difference with the English and Dutch text.

3. Booking
3.1. A Booking Request is considered a reservation request and is therefore not a binding Booking.
3.2. Following a booking request for the rental of a holiday home, the Lessor checks the availability of the relevant property and the applicable conditions and the Lessor makes a Quotation, subject to these rental conditions.
3.3. All Offers made by the Lessor are always without obligation and are subject to interim changes.
3.4. A Booking is established at the moment that the Lessee has confirmed his agreement with the Offer in writing to the Lessor by e-mail, thourgh the site or by post. As long as a Quotation has not been accepted, it can be revoked unilaterally by the Lessor at any time.
3.5. No rights can be derived from the descriptions of the Accommodation on the website of the Lessor, or any other website on which the Leased Property is offered for rent by or on behalf of the Lessor as a vacation rental. Errors or mistakes in the Booking of the Lessee cannot bind him and can at all times be corrected by the Lessee without compensation of costs or damage.
3.6. The Lessor guarantees that he is authorized on behalf of the Owner to temporarily rent the Leased Apartment as a holiday home.

4. Payment
4.1. To confirm the Booking, the Lessee must make a preayment. The prepayment is 30% of the Rental sum for the entire Rental Period.
4.2. Within three days after the confirmation by the Lessor to the Lessee of the reservation request as referred to in Article 3.4. the total amount of the Deposit must have been received on the Lessor's bank account.
4.3. If the prepayment does not take place within the period referred to in Article 4.2., the Lessee can cancel the Booking. In that case, the same rules apply as in chapter 5.3 of these rental conditions.
4.4. The remaining amount of the Rental Amount for the agreed Rental Period (ie the total Rental sum minus the Deposit, ie 70% of the remaining Rental Amount) must be paid no later than one month before the start of the Rental Period.
4.5. If the payment of the remaining amount of the Rental sum - as referred to in Article 4.4 - does not take place within the period specified therein, the Lessee can cancel the Booking. In that case, the provisions of Article 5.5 apply.
4.6. The Deposit or any remainder thereof will be refunded by the Lessor to the Lessee after settlement of any claims within fourteen days after the end of the Lease Period.

5. Cancellations
5.1. In the event of cancellation of the Booking by the Lessee up to14 days before the start of the Rental Period, the Lessee will owe the full amount of the Prepayment. Your deposit will not be refunded if you cancel up to one month before the start and you can claim through your cancellation insurance.
5.2. In the event of cancellation of the Booking by the Lessee less than 14 days before the start of the Rental Period, the Lessee will fully owe the full Rent and the Additional Costs as stated in the Booking.
5.3. Cancellation must be made in writing and by mail or by e-mail and is only valid if and insofar as the Lessor has reached the Lessor in time.
5.4. In the event of early departure, that is to say, leaving the Rented Premises after the start of the Rental Period but before the expiry of the Rental Period, the Rent and any Additional Costs will not be refunded.
5.5. If and insofar as the Lessor cancels a Booking due to the inadequate payment of the prepayment or the remaining Rental Amount, the payment obligation of the Lessee shall apply in the manner stated in Article 5.1 and 5.2.

6. Arrival and Departure
6.1. The Leased Premises can be occupied by the Lessee on the agreed day of arrival from 4 p.m.
6.2. The Leased Premises must be vacated by the Lessee on the agreed day of departure no later than 10.00 o'clock.
6.3. If the Lessee leaves the Leased Premises later than agreed, the Lessor is entitled to charge 25% of the Rental Price including the Additional Costs to the Lessee per day that the Leased Space is later relinquished, without prejudice to the Lessor's right to evict the Lessee from the Leased Premises and to recover the damage actually suffered by the Lessor from the Lessee.

7. Stay
7.1. During the stay, the maximum number of persons specified in the description of the house and the maximum number of cars indicated in the description of the house that can be parked may not be exceeded.
7.2. The lessee is obliged to take care of the rented accommodation as a good householder. The lessee may not change the layout of the Accommodation. Any defects must be reported to the Lessor immediately after arrival in writing or by e-mail.
7.3. Lessee is obliged to leave the Leased Property in the same state in which it was found, i.e. in good condition and without defects.
7.4. The Lessee is obliged to instruct the Lessor as additional delivery to the Leased Property for the professional final cleaning of the Hired Premises at the end of the Rental Period. The lessee is nevertheless obliged to remove any garbage from the Accommodation, to empty the dishwasher and to leave the rented accommodation broom clean.

8. Bed linen and towels
8.1. The costs for bed linen, towels and kitchen linen, provided by the lessor, are mandatory to take away and are included in the rent 

9. Internet use
9.1. Depending on the rented property, the Owner offers the Lessee access to the internet via a WiFi network.
9.2. The lessee is responsible for the correct use of the internet as well as the necessary hardware and software, configuration, peripherals and connections to support it and for measures to protect the computer or operating system.
9.3. Lessee is not liable for damage resulting from the use of internet or as a result of faults in the network.
9.4. The lessee must behave when using the internet as expected from a responsible and careful internet user and must respect legal rules. The lessee will refrain from visiting internet websites that are of an unlawful nature or that do not comply with the Lessor's reputation.
9.5. In case of observation or suspicion of hindrance from third parties and / or (other) internet abuse by Lessee, Owner and / or Lessor have the right to block access to the internet, whether or not entirely, without further notice.

10. Liability
10.1. The lessee uses the rented property at his own risk.
10.2. The lessee is responsible for the safe use of any playground equipment present in or on the (area of ​​the) rented space. The use of all available devices and devices is at your own risk.
10.3. Lessor or Owner are not responsible for accidents that occur or illness that occurs during the Lessee's stay in, on or around the Leased Premises or during the Lease Period.
10.4. The Lessee is liable for all damage to the Leased Premises, to the inventory of the Leased Premises and / or to the furniture in the Leased Premises, which is created during the Lease Period.
10.5. Lessor or Owner are not liable for damage to the Lessee and his property that arise due to fire, leakage, theft, loss, accident or any cause whatsoever. 
10.6. Lessor is liable towards Lessee for defects in the Leased Premises. The condition of the Hired Premises as indicated in the Booking is not considered as a defect in the Hired Premises. In the event of defects or complaints about the Hired Premises, the provisions of Article 14 apply. If applicable, the Lessor will, insofar as this is reasonably within his possibilities, make every possible effort to remedy any defects as soon as possible.
10.7. In all cases, the liability of both Lessor and Owner is limited to the Rental sum. The liability for indirect and consequential loss, such as, but not limited to, lost holiday joy, recorded days off, travel costs to and from the Hired Premises, unexpected not functioning equipment present in the Hired Premises are excluded.
10.8. Lessor and Owner have the right to remove Lessee from the Leased Premises in case he causes (serious) nuisance, misbehavior or (in another way) misuse of the Leased Property or in case Lessee otherwise fails to fulfill his obligations under the Booking. In such a case no refund of the Rental sum will be made and neither the Lessor nor the Owner will be liable for any damage suffered by the Lessee.

11. Pets
11.1. If that is stated in the description of the Accommodation on the website of the Lessor (or any other website on which Leased Property is offered as a vacation rental by or on behalf of the Lessor) and subject to the provisions in Article 12.2, pets are permitted in the Leased Premises. The Lessee may, as the occasion arises, take the maximum number of pets stated in the Booking.
11.2. If the Lessee wishes to take pets to the Hired Premises, he will indicate this in writing with the Booking. In connection with extra cleaning costs for the mandatory final cleaning of the Accommodation, the Additional Costs will be increased in the manner stated in the Booking.

12. Regulations
12.1. The lessee must strictly adhere to the house rules and, if the rented accommodation is part of a holiday park, to the regulations of the park regulations. A copy of these regulations can be found in the information folder in the Accommodation.

13. Complaints and Calamities
13.1. In the event of unforeseen complaints regarding the Hired Premises or the additional deliveries, the Lessee is obliged to report his complaint to the Lessor immediately.
13.2. Urgent complaints must always be reported immediately to the Lessor by telephone and during the Rental Period, on the emergency number that Lessor has stated in the information folder in the 6 Leased Premises. Once reported verbally to the Lessee urgent complaints must be confirmed immediately in writing or by e-mail to the Lessee.
13.3. All other non-urgent complaints must be reported to the Lessor in writing or by e-mail without undue delay and during the Rental Period.
13.4. Lessor must be given the opportunity to remedy the complaint at all times.
13.5. If a complaint is not reported to the Lessor during the stay, the complaint will be deemed unfounded. The Lessor is then entitled to reject the Lessee's claims.
13.6. In the event of a calamity, the Lessee is obliged to avoid or limit any damage to the Hired Premises or the Lessor or Owner.

14. Applicable Law and Disputes
14.1. The Booking and these conditions are exclusively governed by Dutch law. 
14.2. In the event of unforeseen disputes, the parties will consult with each other about an amicable solution. 14.3. Any disputes that may arise as a result of or in the execution of the Booking, or any further agreements arising therefrom which cannot be resolved by amicable consultation, will be submitted to the competent court in Rotterdam.

15. Rebooked reservations in connection with the Coronavirus.
For rebooked reservations the cancellation conditions of the first made and (cancelled) reservation apply.

16. Age
16.1 If your travel group is not a family, all travel companions must be at least 25 years old. Youth groups are not allowed in our accommodations.