Beach Resort Punt West
Oud en nieuw Nederland

Enjoy a Firework-Free New Year

Would you like to enjoy extra peace and relaxation during the New Year's Eve this year? Our fireworks-free holiday park at Grevelingenmeer invites you to exchange the hustle and bustle of fireworks for the tranquility of the water, the dunes, and nature. Here, you can truly make time for each other and toast to the New Year. Maybe you'll even dare to take a New Year's dive into the sea! Our holiday park in Zeeland offers a unique opportunity to celebrate New Year's Eve in a way that revolves around peace, warmth, and precious moments.

  • Fireworks-free holiday park,
  • Luxury beach villas and hotel studios
  • and Directly on Lake Grevelingen

Search and book your stay during the New Year

Luxury accommodation for an unforgettable New Year's Eve

During the New Year's Eve, we warmly welcome you to our luxurious beach villas and hotel studios. With a unique location, these accommodations always offer breathtaking views of the water, dunes, or the forest of the De Punt nature reserve. Our resort stands for peace, space, and relaxation, even during the holidays. Our fireworks-free park is ideal for anyone looking for tranquility and conviviality. The properties are luxuriously and stylishly furnished and are perfect for friends, families, and couples who want to toast to the New Year together. Because the park is fireworks-free, it is also an ideal location for a holiday with your dog.

Your luxury holiday home:

  • Luxurious and stylishly furnished villa's
  • For up to 6 persons
  • Always near Lake Grevelingen
  • Views over the water, the dunes or the forest
  • Optionally pet-friendly

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A Fresh and Luxurious Start to the Year

There's plenty to experience around Punt West even during the New Year's Eve. Explore the natural beauty of the surroundings during a leisurely walk, where the dunes, the forest of the De Punt nature reserve, and the Grevelingenmeer provide the backdrop for a beautiful experience. Or take a traditional New Year's plunge and start your year with a fresh beginning. Ouddorp welcomes you with charming ambiance, where historic streets and cozy squares are part of the idyllic setting. You can also enjoy delicious Zeelandic dishes here. Make the transition to the new year extra special this year by celebrating it in a luxurious accommodation at the Grevelingenmeer at Beach Resort Punt West.

    Breeze by the Grevelingenmeer,
    Discover atmospheric Ouddorp,
    Take a traditional New Year's dive,
    Enjoy a festive local dinner
    and Discover nature on a hike

This is what previous guests asked us:

Do you also offer pet-friendly accommodation?

Yes, we have pet-friendly accommodations in our firework-free park. You may bring a maximum of 2 dogs. Please let us know if you are bringing your dog?

Can I book last minute at Point West for the New Year?

Last-minute bookings at Punt West are certainly possible, but we recommend making reservations in advance, especially during busy periods like New Year's.